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How to setup SIP Trunk

On this page you will find a simple guide, which leads you to some short video tutorials that will help you understand how to do it in case you have any doubts.

How to hire SIP Trunk

Are you looking on how to improve your SIP Trunk prices for your PBX or VoIP Platform? We have very competitive VoIP Pricing, no contracts, you only pay what you use. With a simple configuration you will be connected to our SIP Trunking.

We offer high performance SIP Trunking service for inbound and outbound communications from or to PSTN telephony network and SIP destinations. We have stable service for high volume of calls.

Watch this video and follow these simple steps to find out how to join and start saving now!

How to setup Vicidial SIP Trunk/Carrier

Here are the steps and configurations you will need: Download Instructions

Note: Before starting this setup, you’ll need to setup an account with Smart Automation Systems for the SIP Trunking Service. You can quickly do this during business hours by calling (800) 323-6273 or contacting us.

How to configure 3CX SIP Trunk – Quick Setup

Here are the steps and configurations you will need: Download Instructions

When configuring a SIP Trunk in 3CX, you can choose one from the list of “3CX Supported SIP Trunk Providers”, these will be organized based on the geographical area. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t work your 3CX with other providers that may be more convenient for you in terms of cost or coverage. This is the case of the Smart Automation Systems SIP Trunk, which already has several installations working correctly.

To configure SAS SIP Trunk you can easily do it from the XML configuration file that we provided above. This file needs to be imported into 3CX and in one step the configuration will be done. Later you will be able to add DIDs and use all the configuration options like the providers supported by 3CX to meet your needs for a VoIP platform.

How to configure 3CX SIP Trunk – Custom Setup

To configure a connection for SIP Trunk by SAS from scratch in 3CX, you need to reach the left side of your screen in the “Management Console”. 

Once there, you’ll find “SIP trunk” option, then you have to click the “Add SIP trunk” button. After that, click on “Select Country” field and choose “Generic”. In “Select Provider in your Country” field, choose “Generic VoIP Provider” and the type your main number. Once you are on the Configuration window, it’s required to set a name , a domain and the number of simultaneous calls. You’ll also need to set the DIDs and the Caller ID, with the number that you’ve previously set as the default caller ID. 

The result of this configuration is the same as making it through the XML configuration file that we can provide. This will allow your PBX to use all the inbound and outbound  communication options, add DIDs for your VoIP communications.

How to setup low balance notifications & automatic funds adding

SAS offers some facilities to manage your user accounts in our applications. This is done so that you can receive notifications of your reduced account balance or that automatic payments are launched to recharge credits in your accounts, so you can continuously use the applications without affecting your productivity running your marketing campaigns or your VOIP communications. These facilities apply to CallHub, PressOne, RVM or SIP Trunk applications.

Learn in this video how to set up in a couple of minutes the configuration to receive balance notifications and make automatic credit additions.